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my son is a killer....

my boy kitty...beetleguise, just caught and killed a squirrel.
i'm so proud. :)

but i wont let him eat it. he's mad.

Mar. 18th, 2007

So, my husband and I got a bengal offered to us for free. The only catch is that I have rats- will the rats be afraid of the bengal? They're in cages, would it be ok if i put the cat away when i took the rats out? Will the bengal care about the rats? I don't know how predatory they are, I've been googling, but I can't find anything on this. Any help would be great. Is this just a bad idea?

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ATTN: pet owners....

this probably wont apply to us bengal and savannah owners because we spoil our cats rotten with higher quality foods(among other things!) BUT.....

pet food recall. includes dog food too.
pass it on.


more death


as bluelens says "We all experience a little piece of death each day".
we lost a feline member of the family today.
Sir Galahad aka The Chairman Mao.
he is the father of my sweet Savannah boy "Beetleguise".

here is a copy of his obit as written by darienstarr as well as a pic of him with Beetleguise.
(the chairman is on the right)
Our beloved Daddy Cat, an Oriental Short Hair named Chairman Mao, moved on into his next incarnation late last night. He was with his son, Meowbert Einstein when he passed. He is survived by a whole mess o' children, and a reputation that he would be proud of.

The Chairman was an honorable dignitary, and a great leader. He would greet us at the door with good conversation, as well as mastering the art of lap raping us. If a lap was available, he was on it.

He will always be well known for his quite large collection of dangles, and his big asian head. He also will be remembered for his fondness for dog food. Mao was peaceful, he never raised a paw in anger.

If you look at *Chairman Meowbert Einstein's face, you can see a bit of the Chairman Mao's wise face peeping back at you.

Thank you for being our kitty Chairman, we love you and we will remember you always.

Here are some new and old pictures of the be lated birthday kitties!!!

Kimba and Mya.....lots of pictures this way!!Collapse )
"Beetleguise, where are you going with that rug?"

yep, he was dragging a small (2x3) rug from the bathroom down the stairs.
i laughed so hard, if i hadn't just taken a piss i probably would have pee'ed myself!!!

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Jul. 9th, 2006

time for new kitty pics....



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New Member-- My Kitty ^^

My lovely savannah kitten comes home tomorrow. He is an F3 from Savannah to Savannah breeding. ^_^
I am sure that as soon as he comes home I will have 100 pictures to upload!

Meow Meow.......