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Jun. 4th, 2006

my baby savannah (willow) seems to have a constent stuffy nose. WTF??
vet gave her antibiotics. twice. they scare me. i dont even like taking them.
i've even tried a vaporizer. still stuffy.
any suggestions? short of a nasal lavage. i'm sure she wont go for that. :)

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Meow Meow

i'm considering going into breeding savannahs and bengals.
does anyone have any suggestions? positive or negative.
i need to hear them all. thanks.

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I have been trying to find Batman a new home for awhile now........ He is a very big and a wonderful boy. The only thing is he has to be alone, I have other cats and they did not get along. He Hates other cats... we try to get him used to other cats... it did not work he never got over them and because of them he started spraying. Right now he has my whole first floor to himself and is very happy has not sprayed at all!!! He just wants to be by himself!! He is 10 years old and is declawed (I didn't do that!).I got him from a vet that did not know anything about him. We live in MD. Well here is some pics of him.
email me if you are interested or have any other ?'s
yumpop1416@hotmail.com PLEASE

another cute pic

baby pics. finally!

i finally found my transfer cable so i can grab pics off my camera.
here are a few of the babies. including the new one.

Loki Von Teese and Luna Nietzsche with the as yet unnamed Savannah girl.
She came with the name "Hope", but that just doesn't work for me.
My husband wants to name her Pica but i already know someone with
a cat called Pica. I like Pakalolo. (if you know what that means...cool)

More Kitty Pictures !

Kimba and Mya Pics